Wood Signs

Each piece is an original, and guaranteed that no two signs are exactly the same.
What makes each piece one of a kind are any and/or all of the following characteristics.

  • Knots
  • Natural Imperfections
  • Stain and/or Paint absorbs differently

Found in a items description you may come across any of the following terms listed below. TPU has chosen to elaborate on those terms to further educate potential buyers of trending verbiage. This aids in making aware what you may expect in a piece you plan to purchase.
Distressed A brand new piece made specifically for you that is designed to show wear and age. This is achieved after a piece has been stained and/or painted, we come back and sand certain areas.
Upcycled This is wood we keep from pallets, furniture, torn down projects etc. that you do not purchase from a store. This wood is stored for future creativity when we decide to make something from it.
Commonly Asked Questions

Q: Are the back of the wood signs painted or stained? A: The back of the wood signs may or may not be finished. In determining whether we finish the back or not is based on the detail or lack there of that may be on the back in the assembly process.
Q: Does the piece come with mounting hardware? A: We have chosen to include mounting hardware to eliminate one additional step for you. We want you to enjoy your item as quickly as possible and not have to purchase and attach mounting hardware.
We are not responsible for damages incurred from the buyer when trying to hang their products.

We do our best to pick out the best looking pieces of wood. However, we do feel that slight imperfections help add to the character of our handmade signs. We do not ship anything that we would not like to receive ourselves.